exhibition poster

Dear visitor,

I hope this letter finds you well.

First of all, thanks for your visit. I am writing this note down for you since, you probably have guessed that, I am not home. Because of the absence of my host, I hope this letter will help you navigate in this space.

Apartment art sounds like an easy way out but it was not a decision to turn my home into a public space even only for two days - where am I gonna hide my piles of clothes and dirty dishes?! LOL. But eventually I made peace with myself in searching for more thoughtful ways to deliver work in dialogue with each other and with viewer. A good soul exercise.

The artworks are a quick response to my habitat. Perhaps with the minimalist rendering of the modernist interior, the addition of the works doesn’t feel like an overhaul but rather an update for the way everything is meant to be; the way my cupboard has always been closed, but now there’s a morbid transparency to the expectation of its core.

Whether you feel like peeping to my personal life or not, I choose to call it a housewarming. I hope to hoard a sharp chronology that chops through the visible edge of oddity and happening; curtains and grass, rumble rumble to the hands under the bed sheet. As of who I am, or who the host is, you can refer to the spiders, flies, pigeons on patrol, slugs, bacteria, poisonous mushroom in the garden, the white cat who only shows up during the night, the household appliances that works only from time to time, and the artworks on view.

So enjoy this treasure hunt. Oh, and, don’t mess around when no one is home.

Sincerely yours,